Respiratory Education On-Line Masterclass, FREE, RACE Approved

Trudell Animal Health and VetCandy are proud to present a new free veterinary online Respiratory Educator certification masterclass.

Unique education tracks for veterinarians and veterinary technicians
RACE-CE approved and NY State CE approved continuing education accredited
Become a Respiratory Educator and you can get a certificate in the mail to recognize your accomplishment

Respiratory Educator Certificate

When is a cough more than just a cough? And how can breathing sounds, like wheezing, guide diagnosis? Need some help knowing when to do a BAL or what characteristic signs to look for on that lung image? How about what new medications to use for acute and chronic care? And how do you overcome client fears on using a mask?

Learn all you need to know about asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases and come away with the clinical practice skills needed to master diagnosis, management, and client counseling for your cat and dog patients!

FREE Course Modules: 4.0 RACE-CE hours

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